Why don't you need an ID to vote for the President of the United States?

You need an ID to...

1. Buy alcohol
2. Buy cigarettes
3. Opening a bank account
4. Apply for food stamps
5. Apply for welfare
6. Apply for Medicaid
7. Apply for unemployment
8. Apply for a job
9. Rent a housee
10. Buy a house
11. Apply for a mortgage
12. Drive a car
13. Get on an airplane
14. Get married
15. Apply for a hunting license
16. Apply for a fishing license
17. Buy a cell phone
18. Visit a casino
19. Pick up a prescription
20. Hold a rally or protest
21. Blood donations
22. Buy an "M" rated video game
23. Purchase nail polish at CVS
24. Purchase certain cold medicines
25. Apply for a job
26. Purchase a gun
27. Adopt a pet
28. Rent a hotel room
29. Apply for Social Security
30. Buy a car
31. Rent a car
32. Drop off trash at the Recycling Center
If you need an ID and plan to vote, contact any one of several places that will issue one for FREE.